The Nostalgic Value of Revell Model Cars

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The Nostalgic Value of Revell Model Carsby wawinon.The Nostalgic Value of Revell Model Carsevell model cars are a point of nostalgia […]

Revell model cars are a point of nostalgia for many of us. If you were a motorhead growing up, you probably have fond memories of piecing together those model kits.

It’s really all about the smells involved. They say that scent is the sense most closely tied to memory, and that certainly rings true with Revell model cars. You never forget the strong, almost intoxicating scent of the model airplane glue, the chemically odor of the acrylic paints, and most importantly, the smell of fresh plastic and cardboard when you first open the box.

In fact, if you get a Revell model kit today and open it up, you’re going to have those memories flooding back to you before you’ve even pulled out the glue. It really is all about that fresh plastic smell, it puts you right back in your old bedroom.

If it’s been awhile, bear in mind that Revell model cars are still around, y’know, and they’re every bit as highly detailed and well made as they were when we were kids.

If you remember the last time you had a box of caramel coated Cracker Jack, they don’t even really put prizes in the boxes anymore. You dig into the bottom of the sticky candy covered popcorn and peanuts, and you pull out a little piece of paper about the size of a postage stamp. Peel it open and what do you get? A picture of a prize they used to put in the box back when we were kids.

Or what about Slinkies? Remember rolling those loose coiled metal springs down the stairs? Not anymore. They make them out of plastic these days so kids don’t hurt themselves, but this really defeats the purpose. Plastic doesn’t have the weight to roll down those stairs properly, so what the heck is the point of a Slinky that doesn’t Slink? Why call it a Slinky, then? More like a Disappointy.

So when you’re trying to take a little trip down Memory Lane, you usually take a wrong turn and wind up on Anti-climax Avenue. They really don’t make ’em like they used to. That’s the case with a lot of things you remember from your childhood, but not Revell model cars. They’re still as good as they ever were.

So if it’s been awhile, do yourself a favor: Get to the nearest hobby shop and grab the coolest looking Revell kit they have. Get some paint and glue and get back into the hobby.

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