Special Forces Car Carrier Toy Transporter Truck

Special Forces Car Carrier Toy Transporter Truck

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Description Special Forces Car Carrier Toy Transporter Truck

Chipim Large Transporter Truck and Special Forces car set includes one large 23 inches long transporter truck, 7 special force vehicles and 10 signs. If your child loves vehicles, this is the perfect toy to multiply their collection. Your child will play for hours with this complete vehicle collection that includes a helicopter, a jeep and 2 battle tanks!

The Special Forces Set creates an opportunity for small world imaginative play. Your child will create and recreate endless scenarios of fighting monsters, rescuing others, heroic battles and thrilling adventures with this set. Couple it with a set of action figures to give your child their own little world of Special Forces Super Heroes!

Our Transporter Truck and Special Forces Set will naturally inspire curiosity in your little explorer. Get ready to answer lots of questions on battle tanks, rescue helicopters and commando jeeps. Our transporter truck and other signposts also have little words written on them encouraging reading, letter and number recognition through play.

Are you tired of cleaning up after your child? We are here to help you! Our transporter truck has pre-designed slots for fitting all the special force components neatly inside. Just make a little game of putting all the cars in their beds, and your child will pack everything up for you!

Our Transporter Truck will make long journeys so much easier! The whole lightweight and durable set can be easily carried anywhere by your child. They can always have their own little adventure with them. No more boredom, irritation or restlessness on those long flights!LOAD AND DRIVE – Your child will enjoy loading, unloading and driving the transporter truck all around the house.
BOOST IMAGINATION- Your children will play for hours in their own little world of courage and heroism.
ENCOURAGE INDEPENDENT PLAY – Super safe, high quality plastic allows for unsupervised playtime.
PLAY ON THE GO – The Transporter truck is designed as a travel case – perfect for flights or long car rides!
REMAIN ORGANIZED – The Transporter Truck has a tightly sealable door, which keeps all the other little toys neatly inside.

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