Maisto Fresh Metal Builder Zone Quarry Monsters, Tow Truck

Maisto Fresh Metal Builder Zone Quarry Monsters, Tow Truck

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Description Maisto Fresh Metal Builder Zone Quarry Monsters, Tow Truck

Roll up your sleeves and grab your hard hats kids-it’s time to get to work! For kids who want to mix, tow, and dig their way to fun, Maisto has got the fix. With the new line of Builder Zone Quarry Monster trucks, kids are guaranteed to have their imaginative builds fun-filled with these off-road big rigs. The tow truck entry for this line is affectionately named “The Boom”. The tow boom elevates and extends to three times the stowed length. The truck is equipped with a working winch with cable and a tow hook for realistic play time. Below, it boasts six oversized off-road tires that run along its 8-inch chassis, and their vinyl texture allows for great traction on any surface. Soft to the touch, these rubber-like wheels will have no problem hugging uneven surfaces. The back set of wheels even offer some suspension, which will help kids navigate across even the rockiest terrain. Up front, a die-cast metal truck cab with plastic details is nothing short of strong. Details include a visor, mirrors, and a plated grille. A bright orange paint job completes the frame. This monster also has two friction motors. Push “The Boom” forward and it will keep on going. No batteries are needed – the motors work on their own!Motorized Off-Road Big Rig Trucks with cool Orange Paint Scheme and Detailed Markings
Die-cast Metal Cab with tow boom that elevates and extends
Soft Rubber Oversized off-road tires for excellent traction
Two friction motors, No batteries needed.
8″ x 4.5″

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