Product Department : Vanguards

Privateer Press Mercenaries – Vanguard Model Kit $20.42

Originally designed and crafted from the finest materials and the skilled hands of the Golden Crucible, only a small number of Vanguards were ever produced. Able to keep pace with the fleetest of warcasters, and to set their cannon-laden shield and long hafted poleaxe against their foes, the Vanguard is a highly prized masterpiece on the battlefield.Players take on the role of Warcasters as they lead their titanic forces into battle
Warcasters possess significant martial prowess of their own as well as having hardened warriors and magical spells to bring to bear
A warcaster’s true strength lies in his ability to control and coordinate the mighty combat automatons at the heart of his forces-their warjacks
Players collect, assemble, and paint fantastically detailed models representing the varied warriors, machines, and creatures in their armies
WARMACHINE is fully compatible with its feral twin, the monstrous miniatures combat game of HORDES

Armored Core: Omer Type-Lahire Stasis Fine Scale Model Kit $44.87

Figurine articulée à assembler, taille env. 24 cm avec accessoires. Modèle composé de plus de 400 pièces et disposant de 20 points d’articulation. Ne nécessite pas de peinture mais peut être customisé à volonté!A Kotobukiya Japanese import
Recreates Next-type robot from Armored Core: For Answer
Features include “LG-Lahire” knee-locking system for freestanding poses
Stands 9-1/2″ high
Contains approximately 400 parts

Rover P6 3500 VIP Diecast Model Car $38.40

Rover P6 3500 VIP (Corgi 60th Anniversary) (1:43 scale by Vanguards VA06519) This Rover P6 3500 VIP Diecast Model Car is Brown and features working wheels. It is made by Vanguards and is 1:43 scale (approx. 9cm / 3.5in long).Only 5000 pieces produced worldwide and comes with numbered certificate
Working wheels
1:43 scale
9cm long

Project Vanguard Satelite Early Space Race Plastic Model Kit from HAWK $21.08

It’s a look into the early days of the United States space program and the space-race with the Soviet Union. This classic Vanguard beauty is great for space enthusiasts, rocket scientists, and collectors of rockets and satellites. As of this writing, the Vanguard 1 Satellite is the oldest man-made object still in earth’s orbit, although America lost communication with her in 1964. This nicely detailed, authentically rendered Vanguard Satellite Model Kit features sensational box art too. Add your own creative touches to this classic early satellite as you assemble her. Glue and paint required (Not Included). Difficulty level 2, recommended for spaceheads 10 and up.LINDBERG HL603/12 Vanguard Satellite

HASEGAWA 40115 1/450 Royal Navy Battleship HMS Vanguard $40.60

This is a Hasegawa 1/450 scale assembly and painting required plastic model kit of the World War II era British Royal Navy fast battleship HMS Vanguard. Model kit features: Highly detailed plastic pieces molded mainly in grey. Detailed hull. Waterslide decals. Illustrated assembly guide. ABOUT THE HMS VANGUARD: She was the only one of her class and was the biggest, fastest and last of the Royal Navy battleships, and the last battleship built in the world. Battleship Vanguard was used in training exercises with NATO forces in the 1950s and was put into reserve in 1955. She was scrapped in 1960.HSG